Start or stop service

Start or stop residential service anytime using our convenient online system.

If you require additional assistance, call Customer Service at 541-685-7000 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or visit our Customer Service Center, 500 E. Fourth Ave. in Eugene.

Schedule up to 90 days in advance

To avoid paying for another few days' worth of electric usage, consider contacting EWEB in advance to set up a preferred move-in or move-out date. Customers are able to schedule a preferred move-in or move-out date up to 90 days in advance. Signing up in advance and locking in a specific date can save money, cut down on wait times and help avoid hassles.

When scheduling your start/stop date, please consider that your service will be turned on/off between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the date you select.

If renting, save your confirmation number for your landlord.

Starting service

If you place an order with EWEB to establish services, there is a $20 account processing charge and your service can be turned on as soon as the next business day. Requests for same-day service and service connected or disconnected after hours are an additional $75.

We read the meter when the service is started in your name. If the meter already has been read within the previous couple of days, we use that reading.

There are circumstances in which it is inconsistent with general utility and EWEB practices to provide utility service to a property. These may include:

  • Connecting electricty without water (example: a water heater without a water connection could, upon connection of electric service, overheat)
  • Connecting water service while indication of water running (example: an existing leak indicated by "running water" may be accelerated upon connection of water service)
  • Winterization/De-/Re-winterization effects upon utility connection/disconnection

The property owner can choose to have utility services provided to the property in any of the above or related cicumstances, but must first sign a waiver. This waiver may be signed in the EWEB office or in the presence of EWEB field personnel. Customers may also print the waiver, sign it in the presence of a notary and fax it "Attention Support Staff" to 541-684-4700.

Service deposits

We may require a service deposit from any customer. The deposit is based on twice the highest historical bill for the service location. We hold residential deposits until 12 consecutive billings have been paid on time, or until you request that your services be stopped, whichever comes first. A good payment history helps you avoid a deposit.

All EWEB billings are monthly, except for your opening and closing bills, which may be prorated. Utility service is sold on credit: you use the service before you pay for it.

Note to rental property owners

Rental property owners can request an "automatic hookup agreement" to keep the power on between occupants. For more information, call Customer Service at (541) 685-7000 during regular business hours.

Stopping service

We will need three business days to process your "stop" order and provide a closing bill. Because you are responsible for paying until the date of notification, scheduling a preferred move-out date up to 90 days in advance could save you from paying for someone else's usage.