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Local. Renewable.

We believe in Greenpower. Our program allows customers to support clean, sustainable energy and encourage renewable energy projects in the local community.

Why support Greenpower?
  • Protect the environment
    Renewable energy helps reduce regional air pollution from fossil fuels.
  • Support local solar energy projects
    Greenpower funds incentives for EWEB customers who install solar panels on their homes and businesses.
  • Invest in the local economy
    Greenpower supports local jobs by promoting the installation of new sources of clean energy. In addition, EWEB Greenpower customers get exclusive deals at local
    Greenpower businesses with the Chinook Book mobile coupon app.
  • Support research, education and projects that advance renewable energy
    Greenpower funds annual grants to local nonprofit organizations for these purposes.
  • Vote for Greenpower Grant winners
    EWEB Greenpower customers vote to determine which local renewable energy projects receive the two annual Greenpower grants for up $50,000 each.
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Renewable energy certificates (RECs)

The generation of renewable power also produces renewable energy certificates, or RECs. On behalf of its Greenpower customers, EWEB retires RECs annually in amounts that reflect the past year's voluntary program contributions.

Greenpower costs

Make a difference for as little as $1.50 a month, or choose a higher level of support for the environment.

EWEB Greenpower Grant Program

EWEB's Greenpower Grant Program is designed to fund projects that drive advancements in renewable energy right here in our community.

EWEB Greenpower business partners

View a list of commercial customers who support EWEB Greenpower.

Green your event

Offset the environmental impact of your upcoming special event, conference or sporting event in Eugene by supporting EWEB Greenpower.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about EWEB Greenpower.

History of EWEB's renewable projects

Responding to strong community support, EWEB has a history of leading the curve in renewable energy projects.

Questions or changes to your Greenpower support?

Email us for more information about EWEB Greenpower or to request changes to your level of support.