New construction
Two people looking at plans in a new house under construction

Are you planning to build a new home or apartment building? Are you interested in energy efficiency and green building?

EWEB's program for new residential construction is a free service that helps developers, architects, designers, home buyers and contractors to design and build new energy efficient homes.

Customer and builder benefits

Building homes that include above-code energy efficiency features, receive an Energy Performance Score (EPS)™, ENERGY STAR® certification, and/or Earth Advantage® certification deliver the following important benefits:

  • Lower utility bills
    By using less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating, efficient new homes help deliver savings on utility bills.
  • Increased home comfort
    A properly constructed home will have a tight seal that keeps the warm or cool air in and the drafts out, while ensuring you have plenty of fresh air.
  • Healthier indoor air quality
    Certified green structures use more sustainable materials, have better ventilation and better moisture control that can keep small particles, allergens and molds out of your indoor environment and ductwork.
  • Market differentiation and recognition
    Building certified homes distinguishes builders as leaders in energy efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable recognition that translates into market advantage because consumers increasingly ask seek energy efficient homes.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    Increased comfort and satisfaction results in fewer homeowner complaints and callbacks.
Free expert services

EWEB's energy experts provide:

  • Plan review
    EWEB specialists review building plans to ensure that the proposed design meets program requirements.
  • Consultation
    EWEB staff provides technical and educational support to the builder and subcontractors.
  • On-site inspections and verification for EPS and Earth Advantage
    An EWEB rater inspects the project on-site throughout the construction process and collects all of the information needed to earn an EPS with or without Earth Advantage Certification. (Read about the different certifications below.)
  • Performance testing
    The home is tested with a blower door for whole house air leakage. Duct testing and heat pump commissioning are generally completed by the contractor.
  • Certification
    At the end of the construction process, if the standards are met, the builder and owner receive certificates that signify the home meets EPS and Earth Advantage requirements.

EWEB offers two different options to earn financial incentives for electrically heated homes (see the information below for details). As part of Option One, customers receive the incentive of free verification for an EPS and Earth Advantage, services that can cost well over $1,000 per home in other parts of the state. There is a $200 cost-of-service fee per home to earn Earth Advantage certification that may be covered by the City of Eugene’s Green Building Program. Earth Advantage charges a one-time builder enrollment fee of $500.

If your project doesn’t fit within the options below but incorporates energy improvements over code, EWEB staff can evaluate your project for a possible custom incentive.

Option One: Energy Performance Score
$800 Incentive + $ for upgrades + FREE verification
(Earth Advantage certification optional — fees may apply)
Option Two: ENERGY STAR Certification
$1,500 Incentive — Requires a private market ENERGY STAR Rater
Energy Performance Score is a tool that helps define a home's energy consumption, utility costs and carbon footprint. It allows homebuyers to easily compare homes based on energy costs and efficiency. This pathway requires a ducted heat pump, EPS Best Practices, and minimum 10% improvement above code. ENERGY STAR certification ensures that a new home performs at least 15% above code through proper insulation, a well-sealed outer shell and energy-efficient equipment and appliances. To earn certification, a customer needs to hire a private market rater who will present EWEB with the ENERGY STAR Certificate upon project completion. You can find an ENERGY STAR rater here.

New home certification and Energy Performance Scores

Learn more about the different certifications EWEB verifies:

  • Energy Performance Score
    Earth Advantage logo As a method of measuring energy efficiency, Energy Trust of Oregon developed the Energy Performance Score (EPS) as a clear and quantitative way to assess a new home's energy consumption, estimated utility costs and related carbon footprint. EPS is a tool that helps homebuyers compare newly built homes, giving them the necessary information to make educated home buying decisions.

  • Earth Advantage® New Homes
    Earth Advantage logo Earth Advantage is a green certification that uses ENERGY STAR as a point of departure, but adds sustainability features and building processes that make the home healthier and more resource-efficient.

  • Northwest ENERGY STAR® New Homes
    Northwest ENERGY STAR New Homes logo ENERGY STAR certified new homes must meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This certification ensures that a new home performs at least 15% above code through proper insulation, a well-sealed outer shell and energy-efficient equipment and appliances.

To enroll your project or to learn more about these program offerings, please contact: