Rebates and loans for your home
Family at a table with ductless heat pump in the background

Take advantage of EWEB's programs to help lower your bills, reduce energy waste and increase the value of your home or rental property.

EWEB is now offering heat pump rebates to non-electrically heated homes. Work with EWEB's energy management specialists to make an informed decision about the most cost-effective and sustainable fuel source for your home.

Ducted heat pumps

Learn about ducted heat pumps and EWEB's available rebates and loans.

Ductless heat pumps

Determine if a ductless heat pump is right for your home and read about EWEB's incentives.

Heat pump water heaters

EWEB offers heat pump water heater rebates. Learn more about the technology and efficiency requirements.

New construction

Read about EWEB's free service that helps developers, architects, designers, home buyers and contractors design and build new energy-efficient homes.


Weatherize your home or rental property by adding insulation and upgrading to high-performance windows.

Rental property resources

Help increase the value of your rental property, attract and retain tenants, and decrease tenants' electric bills by improving the energy efficiency of your rental property.

Limited income energy conservation assistance

Contact the Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County (HACSA) to learn about available energy services.