Energy saving tips for your home
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EWEB's energy experts provide practical ideas for saving money and energy in your home.

No-cost tips

Reduce your household energy use without spending a penny.

High bill tips

Is your utility bill higher than normal this month? See common causes and our recommendations and tips to help reduce these spikes.

Energy efficiency investments

Explore low-cost to major improvement ideas that can make your home more energy efficient.

Heating tips

Heating is the largest energy cost in the home. Stay warm while also reducing your energy use and heating bill.

Cooling tips

Learn how to keep your home cool, while also saving energy.

Tips for conserving hot water

Heating water requires a lot of energy. Get tips on how to use less hot water to save both energy and money.

Tips for renters

Discover smart ways to save, just for renters.

Vacation tips

Follow these energy-saving steps before you start a vacation.

Energy efficient lighting

Read about the benefits of energy efficient lighting, how to shop for lighting and where to recycle your spent bulbs.

Energy efficient electronics

Learn how to shop for the latest and best technology that is also ultra energy efficient.

Ask us about new technologies

Are you curious about new technologies and how much energy they can save?

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