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Home Energy Score

EWEB, University of Oregon and the City of Eugene are working together to help tenants and rental owners better understand the energy consumption in their rental properties and possibly help lower monthly utility bills. If you live in or own a single-family or a townhome rental, you are eligible for a free Home Energy Score.

The Home Energy Score is similar to a vehicle’s mile-per-gallon rating. The score, developed and administered by the U.S. Department of Energy, allows you to compare the energy performance of your home to other homes nationwide.

The process starts with a Qualified Assessor collecting energy information about your home during a brief home walk-through. In addition to scoring your home, we will provide you with your average monthly energy costs along with a list of recommended energy improvements and their estimated cost savings.

For landlords, this is a good way to promote the energy upgrades you have made to your rental or to get a plan for future upgrades.

If you are a tenant or rental property owner and are interested in a free Home Energy Score, apply online

Click here to learn more about Home Energy Score, or send us an email.

Energy efficiency programs

Take advantage of EWEB's rebates or 0% interest loans to increase the energy efficiency of your rental property:

Benefits for landlords and tenants
  • Increase value of rental property
  • Help attract and retain tenants
  • Decrease tenants' electric bills
  • Contribute to the local economy by referring work to area contractors
New procedure for releasing utility consumption

Written consent is not required to release utility consumption to a property owner. A tenant can provide verbal consent to allow EWEB staff to release utility consumption to a property owner.

If you would like consumption history on a property you own but for which you are not the EWEB account holder, please have your tenant contact EWEB at 541-685-7000 during regular business hours to speak with a customer service agent and provide verbal consent.

Customer testimonials

Discover what rental property owners in Eugene are doing to cut energy waste and increase their tenants' comfort while also increasing the value of their rental properties.

Family at home playing games and looking at computer Customizable comfort

"Comfort is important and by improving it in my rentals I feel like I'm able to attract and retain high caliber tenants."

-Ken Donner, Eugene landlord

Couple smiling outside thier home High quality tenants

"I personally aim to keep my properties in good condition...to me it's worth it. I'm able to get good tenants as a result."

-Greg Kaminski, Eugene resident & Landlord

Dad and daughter with insulation Increased property value and reduced energy waste

"This investment cut the utility bill by about a third. It is easier to rent a place that's insulated and upgraded."

-Gary Irwin, Broker & Investor

Couple smiling outside thier home Thankful tenants

"I knew I made the right decision about putting in the ductless heat pump when I received a Christmas card from my new tenant that said, "Thank you for the lovely and warm home."

-Robert Lewis, Businessman & Landlord

Additional resources

Email EWEB's energy experts or call (541) 685-7199 for more information and to get started.