Solar electric program
Energy from the sun
Contractors installing solar panels on a roof

Everyone knows that Eugene gets its share of rain. But did you know that on an annual basis, Eugene receives about the same solar radiation as the national average for the United States?

This sunlight can be turned directly into electricity to help power your home or business by using photovoltaic (PV) panels and inverters. In some cases, you might even generate enough power to send the excess back through your meter to EWEB.

EWEB's solar electric program allows you to produce clean, renewable power at your home or business, while also helping EWEB decrease the amount of power it purchases from non-renewable sources.

Program funding

EWEB uses revenues from the utility's Greenpower program to fund incentives for local solar installations – supporting both clean energy and local jobs.

About solar energy

Learn more about the process of turning light into electricity.

Customer benefits

Installing a PV system at your house may help you:

  • Save energy and use a clean, renewable resource
  • Reduce monthly electric bills
  • Protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide output
  • Increase the value of your property
Net metered systems

Install the PV system on your side of EWEB's electric meter to generate power for your home or business. You will receive a bill credit for any excess generation that flows into the EWEB electrical grid. Please apply for interconnection and net metering prior to the start of your project to ensure you meet EWEB's safety and installation standards.

Potential state and federal income tax credits

State and federal tax credits, along with EWEB's incentives, make solar energy more affordable than you think. Your savings will grow over the years as energy costs continue to rise.

  State Federal
Residential ODOE: Renewable Energy Tax Credit Energy Tax Incentives

An Electrifying Investment: What Distributed Generation and Net Metering Mean for You
The alignment of solar energy production with peak loads and prices varies in different parts of the country. In the Northwest, loads and power prices often peak in the morning and late afternoon/early evening while solar energy production peaks near mid-day.


Email EWEB's energy experts or call (541) 685-7000 for more information.